Today, pirates are very different from the original pirates. They have ak47s, and many other morden equipments. But, do you know the old pirates a hudred years ago?
            The pirates long ago were much more horrible then today's pirates. They were actually realy horrible. Why? Because they were looking for easy money, and to do that, they did many horrible things like robbing ships and killing people to get their money.
            At that time, pirates always used to sail very big ships with three masts and three sails. There were usually 50---120pirates on one ship. They all listened to the captain --  the meanest and worst man on the ship.
            And,why did they need to be a pirate? Because they want to get more and more intresting trasures and they could sell them for money. Also, they could turn from poor too rich very soon! If they had a mission succesful ,they can get hundreds of dollors, but if they loose,they go to prison for a week.
            So we see, that a hundred years ago, pirates are horrible,they risk their life for treasures, and have good equipments.

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