my favourite in peter pan
      Once you have read the book' Peter pan' ,you will find that you will find the most intresting character is Peter pan. So, my favourite charecter in peterpan is peter pan him self.
       First, Peter pan is a very brave young boy. When he heard that \Wendy,Micheal John and the lost boys was caught by captgain hook from the Jolly roger ,he just took tinker bell and flew to the jolly roger and fight with the hook captain, and saved the lost boys and Wendy and John and Micheal.
     Second, I think Peter pan is a strict boy who doen't want to grow up forever. When wendy and the other boys want to go to London, only he doen't want to go to London.
     Thirdly, I think that Peter pan is very friendly. When he met Wendy he just say hello to her. And he helped them to run away from captain hook and go to London.
        All in all, I think that Peter pan is a very good charecter in the book' Peter pan, do you like him?


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