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                                                                                                               if i was a bird
      If I were a bird, I would be really happy. Why? Because that meant that I would be free.

      I could fly in the sky, I could have a rest in the tree, and I could also be away from the city, away from the horrible noise.

      I could be calm all the time and do nothing but fly around and enjoy the quiet environment. If I were fly in shanghai, I would fly to the park in Chongming Island.  There, very few people would come to look at the birds and they are sensible person who do not hurt the birds. They only look at the birds and enjoy themselves in the quiet, clean environment.

     I could get up early, before the sunrise, singing the melodious songs, giving some good advice. Taking the bath with, tiny droplets of dew, making me fresh, with the natural blue. Living in the beautiful nature.

     That’s all. And I think that being a bird is not that bad after all. Do you like to be a bird if no one disturbing you, and living in a forest. 

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